by Abysmal Chaos

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released February 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Abysmal Chaos Eugene, Oregon

My pain in audible form. Anti-Human.

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Track Name: Deprived in Isolation
Fading away, alone and cold
No one, can hear, my screams of longing
For the time, of release
When I take, my final glance
Emptiness faces, this shattered life
Drowning within my own depravity

Within the void - a blackness fills up my lungs
This is where I'll die; my final resting place
Losing feeling and blood - Frozen Atmosphere
Please just leave me alone - A final cut

Fading away, alone and cold
Drowning within my own depravity
Track Name: Visions From Blood Loss
Carving into my flesh
Releasing a vital substance
Rubbing a poisonous unguent
Into the opened wounds

Calling Chthonic forces
Offering my life through blood
Gazing into black water
Suddenly a mist takes form
Blackness, reflecting its shadow
Expanding a gateway before me
Into another dimension where I find eternity

My soul is reborn
Through death I find my home
Transcending the weak human form
Arise - a spectral cloud of infinity

Vision's now fading
Why am I returning
Death has me waiting
The blood has stopped flowing
The razor keeps calling
Slicing and gashing
The portal's appearing

Watching myself as I die
Descending towards the gateway
Reality was all just a lie
Only death holds the truth
Track Name: Haunted by the Past
Trying to move on
Past your deceitful ways

Treacherous, filthy, whore
Why did you enter my life
How could I let this be
I know what must be done

Memories come to me
and dreams take their form
I wake up convulsing
in angst and hate
Sleepless, yet determined
I sit and ponder
On how to end
your pathetic existence
Living as a slave
to your carnal delusions
Unknowingly sinking,
deeper, and deeper
All you love and cherish
starts to fade away
As the candle burns
this black curse
takes shape and form

Molding your future to my will
As I inhale the noxious aroma
Projecting my thoughts
from the other side
To end your life
with a single word
Kneeling amidst four Princes
Grant me my desire
accept this offering
Poison the blood of
who's name I speak : _____________

Blackness condenses around me
Reflecting my every intention
Viewing your world through your eyes
Corrupting your spiritual progression
Destined for eternal rebirth
Forever imprisoned in the flesh
I laugh in pure satisfaction
Memories of you dissipate
and now you're gone

Filthy used up whore
Laugh at your death
Selfish used up whore
Laugh when you're dead
Track Name: Self-Inflicted
Tearing at the veins
Maybe this time I'll die
Cold sweat drips down my face
Slowly, my heart rate decreases
Sharp-pain courses through me
Blood no longer congeals
I enter a state of confusion
How much of this is real

Empty, feelings, inside me
Nothing, could ever, protect me
Darkness, inside me, inflict me
Sadness, control me, destroy me

When will I no longer live
Inflicted wounds upon my wrist
Hollowed I have become
Losing all forms of control

Breathing increasing
panic condensing
Nerve-ends convulsing
pupils dilating
Emotions are ending
memories are fading
The moment of longing
is finally commencing

Pointless - this life I've lived
Waiting for Death's hand to take me
Abusing a substance that changed me
Submitting to liquor and drugs
Hating all who surround me
Wishing to end it all
Planning this day in solitude
This day my life is no more

Empty, feelings, inside me
Nothing, could ever, protect me
Darkness, inside me, inflict me
Sadness, control me, destroy me